A series of 90 minute workshops offered in the evening, when the day is done, the kids are in bed, the kitchen is cleaned up, and you can learn in the comfort of your own quiet place in an outfit unfit for  anywhere but home.  Take one, or take them all.  Mix and match any combination of workshops.

FEE:  $5 per workshop/ $50 for 10  TIME: 7:00pm- 8:30pm



All workshops are suitable for Grades K-12 unless otherwise indicated.


Use of Humor in the Classroom - There are many benefits of humor such as increasing positive attitude, energy level, and minimizing stress.  Learn several techniques on how to use humor in the classroom.  " D.  Salitsky K-12 Tuesday, April 11

Use of Affirmations in the classroom  Daily affirmations can have a major positive impact on a student's academic and social and emotional success.  This PD will explore many different affirmations. D.  Salitsky K-12 Wednesday, April 12

Crash Course: Teaching Tiered Vocabulary- CANCELED   Vocabulary knowledge is a major building block in children's early academic development. Many children, especially ELLs and SWDs, need support in acquiring this substantial vocabulary. Educators will learn how to identify and support tier 2 vocabulary development for any subject area or grade level. A. Biancamano K-12 Thursday, April 13

Relationship Building & Communication with Families of ELLs: How can we reach he families who seem unreachable? This course will explore how to communicate and welcome ELL families into the classroom and build relationships with all. K. Curran K-12                 Tuesday, April 18

Introduction to Mindfulness, for Yourself and Your Students  Discover the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into your life and classroom. Learn simple practices to get started. K. Finnick K-12 Thursday,April 20

Teaching in a ChatGPT World This 90-minute workshop is designed for teachers who are interested in learning about ChatGPT and AI in the classroom. During this session, we will provide a comprehensive overview of ChatGPT and its applications in education. We will demonstrate how this cutting-edge technology can be used to engage students, personalize learning, and enhance classroom productivity. We will also discuss the ethical considerations surrounding AI in the classroom, including privacy and security issues, and offer strategies for effectively integrating AI into the classroom in a responsible and inclusive manner. This workshop is suitable for teachers of all subjects and levels, and is a great opportunity for educators to explore new and innovative ways to enhance student learning.                                         J. Freedman K-12  Tuesday, April 25

What is BreakoutEDU?  Take 90 minutes and learn about this engaging tool you can now use in your classroom.  There are 4 district boxes that you can borrow to turn your classroom into an immersive learner-centered experience that boosts engagement, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills.  You'll learn what the boxes include, how to create templates that you can use over and over again, and brainstorm ideas on how you can use them in your class.  They seamlessly integrate into any lesson or topic!  K. Ricotta K-5 Thursday, April 27

Trauma-Informed Education and the Classroom  Learn what Trauma Informed Education is and its impact on and strategies for the classroom. K. Finnick K-12 Tuesday, May 2

Google Slides & Google Docs   This workshop will cover all there is to know about Google Slides and Google Docs. Participants will learn how to research and use different tools to make digital presentations and interactive acitvities for students. We will explore templates within your organization, access settings (edit, make a copy, preview, present) and share features.  J. Kane K-12 Thursday, May 4

Bitmoji Virtual Classroom Learn how to design a Bitmoji Classroom in Google Slides. This workshop will focus on creating an interactive slideshow that incorporates your Bitmoji, and teaches you how to design background by adding, editing, grouping and locking images, that link out to external websites. J. Kane K-12 Thursday, May 11

CANCELED Flip Your Classroom with¬† Edpuzzle ¬†Ever wonder ‚Äúif only there was more time?‚ÄĚ Now, there can be and EdPuzzle is the answer you are looking for! This workshop will introduce EdPuzzle and explore how it can be used to flip your classroom and accomplish more with your students during the limited time you have together. C. Sanfratello K-12 Tuesday, May 16

Supporting LGBTQ Students In School  An introduction to the concerns that face LGBTQ students in school and the ways to help create a safe, supportive, and welcoming school environment. K. Finnick preK-12 Thursday, May 18

The Energy Bus For Kids  How we can use the five rules for the "Ride of Your Life" as presented by Jon Gordon to create positivity in our students. This session will provide tips, based on the book The Energy Bus for Kids: A Story About Staying Positive and Overcoming Challenges on how teachers can help our students during this time. S. Durio K-12 Tuesday, May 23

Doing More with Kami  Kami isn’t just another boring PDF editor. Kami allows you to do so much more! This workshop will explore the many tools and applications of Kami that will help you enhance your resources and engage your students. C. Sanfratello K-12      Thursday, May 25

Canva for Educational Videos  Can’t find exactly what you are looking for on YouTube? Need to bring your presentations to life? Have no fear, Canva is here! This workshop will demonstrate how to create videos for your classroom and beyond. Bring a topic or creative idea to this workshop and begin designing immediately. C. Sanfratello K-12 Tuesday, May 30

The Great OWL Book Share  Calling all book lovers! In this informal session, participants will share some of their favorite books - both professional and personal reads. Please be willing to discuss your favorites as we learn from each other. Walk away with some new titles to explore.  J. Freedman K-12 Thursday, June 1

What's Your Emotional IQ? Learn what it is and how it reflects your responses to challenges, conflicts, stress, and ability to communicate.  Gain empowering info to improve one's Emotional IQ. D.  Salitsky K-12 Tuesday, June 6

Brain Breaks: Planned learning activity shifts that calm the brain down and help restore successful learning. A brain break does not have to disrupt the flow of learning and research has determined that a brain break helps restore the brain to its peak performance.  This workshop will show you how to utilize these beneficial breaks in your classroom. C. Sanfratello K-12 Tuesday, June 13