History/Mission Statement

The OWL Teacher Center is one of over 120 NYS Teacher Centers dedicated to the professional development of teachers. The unique characteristic of our Center is that nearly all of our programs are planned and instructed by teachers. It is a Center created and dedicated to professional learning  "for teachers, by teachers."

Established in 1985, we are funded yearly by a New York State Education Dept. grant. We are a small consortium serving approximately 1,200 teachers in Lindenhurst, North Babylon, and Wyandanch.  However, educators from all over the state of NY are invited to participate in our programs, and many of them do.


The Center is governed by a 34 member Policy Board which meets several times a year. This board - comprised of teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, and representatives of higher education, business, and industry -is responsible for hiring Center personnel, establishing policies, deciding how monies will be spent, and overseeing the entire operation. This is the only New York State grant that, by law, both requires and allows for the autonomous rule of a governing board.

Partnership with Brooklyn College and SUNY Stony Brook

A Brooklyn College graduate cohort in Students with Disabilities will be offered each fall at sharply reduced tuition rates, pending sufficient registration.  The advanced additional certificate is a 12 credit program that is completed in one school year.  It extends the teacher's current certification to include SWD.  Email the director for details.

SUNY Stony Brook TESOL Supplementary Certificate, Educational Technology, and Educational Administration cohorts are formed when there is sufficient interest in each program.  Contact the director for more information.


Jennifer Bova taught at the elementary level for thirty-two years in the Lindenhurst school district and served on the Policy Board for five years prior to becoming Director in 2003.  She was one of the first teachers to participate in the Center's Teacher Leadership program and has published her work on the "Reading and Writing Connection" in our Center publication By US. Taking an early interest in working with the Center, Jennifer spearheaded the development of the new teacher workshop series. In addition to multiple degrees in education and reading, Jennifer was selected as the New York State Lottery's Educator of the Week in January 2003, the Pride of Lindenhurst Award in 2005, the Yale Award recipient in 2010, and the SCOPE Award in 2019.  


Tina Mottl was a School Library Media Specialist in the Lindenhurst Public Schools for 33 years and served on the OWL Policy Board prior to becoming assistant to the director.  Her expertise in technology has revolutionized the Center by making it a paperless operation that is able to function remotely and in person.  Tina is in charge of all tech related aspects of our work, and also designs and instructs tech workshops and courses.